My Company

(Me in the Black pinwheel regular width)
My name is Christen Ellis and I live in Indiana. 
I started Happy Headgear in 2010.  I love to wear headbands for running, teaching group exercise, and when my hair refuses to cooperate!
 I started making my own headbands to wear at the gym when I couldn't find any that were unique.  I discovered how comfortable they were, and also how cute they looked!  I gave them to my friends as gifts.  They liked my idea so much, they encouraged me to launch it into a business.  Happy Headgear was born.  My dear friends helped with the headband design, ideas, and improvements.  I love those girls! 
 I have now finished 2 marathons wearing HH!
The super-sweaty-but-non-moving headbands were:
#195 Turquoise/Lime and #124 Black with Hot Pink Flower